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Technology that burdens the nurse workload are counterproductive investments that can compromise outcomes.

Technology is developed every day to make healthcare better; rarely is this software designed for ease of use within a nurse’s real workflow. Work that is inherently complex and exhausting can not be further impeded by unintuitive, confusing processes that ultimately delay care. Have your investments had a negative impact on the nurse experience?

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For health systems facing today’s staffing and demand management challenges.

At the crossroads of patient outcomes and nurse health is HealthStream Scheduling and Capacity Management: a suite of technologies that approach staffing and capacity intelligently, powering faster, safer patient journeys through staff engagement and wellness, and offer health systems a holistic solution to improve operational efficiency and staff satisfaction.





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Is the Quadruple Aim your corporate initiative?

  • Our Workforce Engagement apps support the nurse experience by addressing obstacles in well-being.
  • Patient experiences improve when shifts are staffed to census through our nurse-centric Workforce Scheduling.
  • Improve patient outcomes by tracking the patient care progression using Operational Intelligence product’s system-wide communication and staff alignment capabilities.
  • Lower costs by combining our Operational Intelligence solution with our Workforce Scheduling products to reduce inefficiency leaks, O.T., and agency reliance.

“Better” starts with you

Tomorrow’s better outcomes, retention, and wellness begin with today’s conversation about HealthStream Scheduling and Capacity Management solution.