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Don't spend another minute struggling with provider data

Network by HealthStream® offers the industry's only network relationship management (NRM) system. Seed your database with your practitioner’s data from national sources, leverage our industry-leading Primary Source Verification (PSV) tools, and continuously stream updated practitioner data to all corners of your operation.

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Network by HealthStream features:

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Deliver member access, adequacy, and accuracy

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Comply with industry regulations

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Seamlessly onboard new providers



End-to-End Solution

A one-stop shop solution to disentangle and manage your provider data, all the way from ensuring compliance to strengthening practitioner relationships.


Best-in-Class Partnerships

Consider our partnerships with leading data providers and commercial Credential Verification Organizations (CVOs) as you build your business case to change the status quo.


Say goodbye to incremental costs for additional functionalities or persistent with disconnected systems by bringing all use cases under one roof.


Designed for Health Plans

Experience first-hand the software that recognizes the unique challenges and use cases within health plans, enabling a nimble response to both emerging business opportunities and new regulatory challenges to operational excellence.


Years of experience


The only provider data management systems designed specifically for health plans



A proud AHIP member

Through our partnership with AHIP, we are committed to helping make health care better.

If you’re seeking a single source to manage:

  • Provider relations
  • Contracting
  • Credentialing
  • Provider data