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HealthStream CVO - NCQA-certified Credentials Verification Organization services

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Our affordable CVO credentialing services establish patient safety by enabling primary source verification for your healthcare organization.

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Increase credentialing speed

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Improve data accuracy

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Save money

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An advanced CVO portal to extend your team's capabilities

Verified credentials for certified healthcare professionals is a critical component to ensuring patient safety. However, managing credentials verification in-house requires establishing predetermined licensure qualifications and performing extensive background checks – both very time-consuming tasks. Whether you need one-off help with overflow tasks, or regular, on-going support, our centralized credentials verification service is here to help.

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What you can expect:

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Online, paperless applications


Verification using over 1,000 primary source sites

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24/7 user-friendly portal with real-time monitoring

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Potential red flag notifications sent for review



Streamline & communicate

  • Pre-populate application data with CAQH data or your own
  • Track applications as they are received, processed and complete via email notifications and our online portal

Automate & simplify

  • Automates primary source verification queries and returns results to be stored in your database
  • Receive systematic follow up for non-automated sites to ensure successful verifications

Scale & save

  • Easily accommodate fluctuating workload
  • Save on subscription fees to industry databases


Complete verification with access to 1,000 primary source sites


Get real-time updates any time via our user-friendly portal


Serving clients since 1998

Acquisitions and mergers present challenges to credentialing organizations

Sometimes outsourcing your initial and/or re-credentialing processes may be your best option. When that’s the case, you can count on our expertise to handle files either in an overflow or full-service capacity.

If you’re seeking:

  • Hospital Credentialing
  • Managed Care-Provider Network Credentialing
  • Surgery Center & Clinical Services Credentialing
  • Expiring Credentials Management
  • Sanctions Monitoring

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See how our NCQA-certified CVO credentialing services can help you shift your credentialing into high gear.

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