Attract and retain talented staff

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Reduce workplace incidents

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Increase patient satisfaction

Operators in the food service and hospitality industries are facing an unprecedented labor crisis

High turnover impacts employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and staff’s ability to meet regulatory requirements, all of which diminishes quality of service for vulnerable patient populations. These challenges require a proven plan that’s effective, affordable, and easily accessible.

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Employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career


Employees say lack of training is the #1 reason for leaving their job


Turnover rate within food service workers, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic


Reason employees feel held back from learning is not having enough time

Advancing hospitality in 5 minutes or less with complete onboarding & training solutions, designed for healthcare

In partnership with HealthStream, Pineapple Academy offers the most complete solution to empower employees to learn and grow on the job, providing tools and feedback to maintain quality of service, meet regulatory requirements, and optimize operations.

Leverage Pineapple Academy to:

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Attract and retain talented staff

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Increase customer and patient satisfaction

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Reduce workplace incidents

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Minimize manager workload


Five minutes or less

  • Average length of Pineapple Academy’s library of 600 videos is 3 1/2 minutes
  • Meet your staff where they are and improve competence daily with short, powerful increments
  • English and Spanish versions available

Less manager workload

  • Video training offloads training work for managers, leaders, and decision-makers
  • Employees encouraged to watch videos first, then report back to management for testing or additional help
  • Confidence in content through guided training from industry experts:

    • Chefs

    • Food service leadership

    • Dietary experts

    • Regulatory leaders

Meeting you where you are

  • Support for acute and post-acute care settings, food service managers, and environmental services
  • Training follows employees on mobile device
  • Create a career ladder pathway for individuals
  • Provide CEs and CE certificates (CDM, CFPP) through ANFP


"Pineapple Academy makes learning fun. It's all about wanting to take training, not having to take the training."

-Amira Fahoum, Education and Program Director, Compass Senior Living

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Looking to maintain regulatory compliance for food and nutrition departments?
  • Working to improve staff competency?
  • Struggling to increase patient and resident satisfaction?
  • Worried about retaining your top talent?

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