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Mitigate security risk

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Remediate poor security habits

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Protect your organization

Ensure your employees are equipped with the proper knowledge to protect your organization's information.

Attackers know employees are often the weakest link in your organization’s security chain, and they exploit this for their own personal gain. If an attack is successful, hackers could gain access to PHI or other significant information, putting your data and patient safety at serious risk. Policies and IT security aren’t enough to safeguard your organization.

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Leverage HealthStream’s Security Awareness Education to:

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Keep patient data secure


Identify and respond to common security risks

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Educate employees on how to maintain a culture of cyber security - even in a remote environment



  • Education focuses on the two most common data breaches in healthcare settings - ransomware and phishing attacks
  • Classic and gamified content developed specifically for the healthcare industry
  • Optimized for mobile training
  • FTC, ISO, NIST, & HIPAA Compliant

Initiatives and Goals Supported:

  • Education serves as a foundational building block to complement or develop a security awareness strategy
  • Encourages employees to follow security best practices, identify and report threats, and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information

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As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Protecting your organization from  poor security habits?
  • Equipping your employees to spot harmful emails?
  • Able to identify employees who pose a potential security threat?

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