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HealthStream’s approach to leadership development and education offers an innovative, healthcare-specific method to assess and identify strengths within your staff before generating individualized development pathways. With healthcare leadership libraries aligned to your initiatives, you can experience increased retention, improved skill levels amongst your staff, and a defined strategy for your future leaders.

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The future-ready leader

HealthStream’s three-pronged approach for equipping new, rising, and existing leaders.


Management skills

HealthStream’s Leadership Development is an adaptive learning tool featuring:


  • 220+ self-paced targeted courses
  • Content designed to improve professional development competencies
  • Ability for leaders to take courses at their own pace and direction
  • Exclusive Leadership Confidence Survey for a focused, expert-led path 

Soft skills

A robust soft skills library powered by Skillsoft features targeted leadership education bundles focused on:


  • Communication skills
  • Customer services skills
  • Implementing organizational change
  • Listening skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Staff retention 

Engagement & mental well-being

With rates of burnout, mental health is an urgent concern. Powered by CredibleMind, provide your staff with helpful tools:


  • Self-assessments to stratify risk for burnout, compassion, fatigue, or key mental health issues
  • Evidence-based education for wellness
  • Self-care interventions for risk reduction 

Meet your new work best friend

HealthStream is proud to offer the Skillsoft CAISY(TM) Conversation AI Simulator

Content backed by industry experts

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Seeking ways to engage and retain your top performers?
  • Frustrated and overwhelmed by attempts to easily identify future leaders?
  • In need of a standardized pathway for advancement for emerging and existing leaders?
  • Looking to cut costs of high turnover and training of potential leaders?

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