of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2030


of a message if retained when watched in a video


of employees are more likely to watch a video than to read text

Video Hosting

Video Platform

A centralized and secure platform for in-the-moment learning across all departments at your organization.

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Are you creating quality content that keeps your learners engaged?

Employees shouldn’t have to go to external sources such as YouTube because they don’t have access to relevant, high-quality, company-approved content. HealthStream Video Platform allows your organization to deliver engaging, company approved content, available on-demand to support organizational initiatives.
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Keep learners informed and engaged anywhere, any time

High-quality video content is engaging and its message can be more easily retained than text. However, it can be overwhelming to produce memorable video if you have too few or too many video creation tools. It can also be difficult for learners to quickly access trusted and verified content when they need in-the-moment learning outside of their organization’s learning system platform and course assignments. HealthStream Video Platform simplifies the process, allowing you to create and publish high-quality, internally vetted videos that learners can view anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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As a healthcare leader, do you want to:

  • Create engaging content?
  • Reduce the expense of authoring tools?
  • Streamline communication and access to information?
  • Provide rapid on-boarding and training?

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Find out how HealthStream Video Platform can streamline your organization’s learning and communication initiatives all while engaging your staff.