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Ensure safe, quality care

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Reduce organizational risk

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Avoid practice variability

Are you confident your nurses are getting accurate decision support at the point of care?

Frontline nurses consistently deal with information overload and can’t be expected to remember everything. Sources like Google and YouTube may be fast and convenient to get answers, but they most likely are not evidence-based – and certainly not authorized. Being uncertain about where your staff is getting their information can lead to costly mistakes, turnover in patients and nurses, and inconsistency in quality of care provided.
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Speed to action. Confidence in care.

Generations of nurses have turned to EBSCO's CINAHL to support evidence-based practice. Used by millions of nurses every year, this rich resource has been combined with the latest technology innovations from HealthStream to provide clinical decision making tools at the point of care.


Healthcare leaders can leverage Dynamic Health to:

Delivery of Care_LB

Improve the quality of care by standardizing practices

Decrease medical and legal risk_C

Reduce risks from mistakes in a timely and cost effective manner


Achieve and maintain accreditation and Magnet® status


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  • Fully responsive single cloud-based platform
  • Integrated competency skill checklists with HealthStream Checklist Management
  • Earn a CE with every skill, also includes in-context CE’s
  • Transcultural care – Twelve cultural care categories from the U.S. population
  • Flexible authentication and a variety of personalization features support 24/7 staff access to education resources
  • Supports multiple learning styles and access requirements with video clips, diagrams, full-color images, and audio- player
  • Available in both Apple and Google app stores for full mobile access

Initiatives and goals supported:

  • Brings a solution with intra-operative integration for one standalone system
  • Supports next generation healthcare with data analytics solution
  • Delivers collaborative practices to clinicians
  • Standardize evidence-based practice and care
  • Adhere to Joint Commission guidelines and meet compliance standards
  • Develop clinical staff competency
  • Achieve Magnet® status

Recommended for:

  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Clinical Educators

Client Spotlight

This product delivers on the promise to bring the right kind of information to the nurse at the bedside — preparation, procedures, mindfulness of risks, best evidence — all in a way that efficiently respects the nurse’s time and need for focus.

Nancy Warthman

Chief Nursing Officer

St. John’s Providence Health System



Clinical decision support


quick lessons covering diseases and conditions


entries and patient teaching handouts

Provide your staff with evidence-based content when they need it

  • Uncertain about where your staff is getting their clinical information?
  • Frustrated by the lack of trusted information that can also be shared with patients?
  • Concerned about time wasted searching for reliable information?
  • Worried about the risks associated with your staff getting information from untrustworthy resources?

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