Elevate work-life balance by streamlining scheduling

By giving your staff members a new level of transparency and autonomy over their schedules, you’re not only offering your team better accessibility, but also helping to elevate their work-life balance by truly streamlining scheduling.
Available on iOS and Android, the ShiftWizard Mobile App is user-friendly and available on any device.

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Simplifying your scheduling practices can have a wide-reaching positive ripple effect on your entire department. In this 30-minute demo, you’ll see how ShiftWizard can meet the unique needs of your team and facility. Now is the time to make a change to better support everyone in your department with ShiftWizard.


  • Elevate work-life balance for everyone
  • Provide next-level schedule transparency
  • Streamline scheduling for leaders and staff
  • Improve communication and community
  • Create more equitable schedules for everyone
  • Increase savings and decrease wasted resources

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