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Student onboarding shouldn’t be a chaotic and time consuming process.

The need for competent and caring health professionals is continuing to grow, making it imperative to have access to critical tools and information that will help streamline the process. To improve the experience of everyone involved, facilitators need to be able to sustain and nurture the future workforce pipeline.
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Get immediate visibility into your student onboarding experience

Development of a competent and compliant workforce can be an efficient, timely process with the right tools in place. With myClinicalExchange, facilitators will have the peace of mind they are developing future clinicians and positively impacting the healthcare community.

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  • Ability to manage multiple programs using a single platform
  • Unlimited free web-based training for hospitals and university users
  • Robust built-in security with isolated access to information
  • Historical data is easily accessed when needed
  • Cost to students is nominal


  • Ability to differentiate between Preceptorship, Internship, Cohorts, Volunteers, etc.
  • View availability/conflicts before approving requests 
  • Customizable online orientation, testing module 


  • Customizable Assessment/Survey module Customizable rotational compliance checklist by Program, Department, Unit, etc. 
  • Access student’s compliance status (checklist, documents, orientation, etc.) 
  • Context based – rule driven email alerts Maintain Affiliate Agreement 

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average reduction in onboarding time

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Overwhelmed trying to manage and organize the influx of students for placement?
  • Unsure of how to best assemble accurate student information and reporting?
  • Frustrated by scattered workflow and lack of automation for the volume of students records you manage?

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