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Traditional programs do not prepare OB staff for maternal cardiac arrest, resulting in missed opportunities, harm, and even death.

The risk of cardiac arrest in pregnancy is rare, but it can happen to any woman, whether she has known risk factors or not. Patient death or poor outcome in these cases can have a devastating effect, not just for the family but for staff involved. Caregivers in OB are used to celebrating new life, and may be unprepared, professionally, and emotionally, to face end-of-life scenarios.
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Specialized training for a confident and competent OB staff.

Developed in partnership with St. Luke’s, HealthStream’s ALS OB program focuses on understanding how, when, and why to modify the standard algorithms when caring for a pregnant or newly-delivered patient. This program was written for OB clinicians by OB experts to give them the understanding they need to confidently and competently change how they provide care for this unique population.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage ALS OB to:

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Understand how to make modifications to the ALS algorithms


Identify resources for care

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Establish better team collaboration


Six foundational sections focused on essential training

  • Foundations of ALS OB
  • Physiologic changes of pregnancy and their impact
  • Cardiac review
  • Modifications (Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Defibrillation, and Electronic fetal/uterine monitoring)
  • Application of modifications
  • Practicing relationship-based care in resuscitation


  • Combines knowledge and critical skills practice with an emphasis on preparation, recognition, and OB modifications
  • Multi-team approach to ensure collaboration and communication between units and positively impact patient outcomes
  • Useful for clinicians of all backgrounds (strong ALS background but no OB experience or strong OB experience but limited ALS background)
  • Self-paced online course followed with skills instructor validation of OB modification, critical thinking, and debriefing

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The course helped me to identify ‘knowledge’ of OB healthcare providers. I plan on educating all of the OB nurses in OB ACLS

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As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Is your OB staff in the best possible position to avoid a maternal incident?
  • Worried a potential failure could lead to death for the patient and further trauma for staff, who felt unprepared?
  • Passionate about promoting a well-trained staff as a differentiator within the marketplace?

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